MFR is the Missing Piece to Complete Healing and Recovery for Chronic Pain Patients!

Many chronic pain patients of all ages suffer with pain and limited movement after surgery, sports injuries or work injuries. Many others have constant pain from disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, spinal disorders, strokes, or Parkinson’s to name a few. The medical community is often at a loss to treat this pain and in the end refer these patients to pain management specialists who frequently prescribe pain medication to allow patients to continue to function. Often these situations can be relieved and cured by Myofascial Release using the John Barnes Approach in just a few sessions. Therapists that are experts in this technique have had extensive training that allows the therapist to perform manual therapy that is similar to a massage from the inside out, reaching deep inside to the source of the problem in a gentle, yet powerful way.

The first question most people ask is, “what is fascia?” and “how does it cause pain?” Fascia is a web-like, fluid filled structure that passes around and through every structure in the body like one massive spider web from the front to the back and from your head to your toes and fingertips as one continuous piece of fascia. An example of fascia is that clear, yet tough, saran wrap looking material on a raw chicken breast. Each of us has one continuous sheet of this fascia surrounding every structure in our bodies. When fascia has restrictions from surgeries, injuries, or disease, it can become “stuck” on itself much like saran wrap and places up to 2000 lbs. per square inch of force on blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves and muscles passing through that area resulting in crushing pain. Most people begin to feel pain at the site of injury, but soon after begin to have new areas of pain develop as the fascia within becomes twisted and tight. As these fascial restrictions cannot be seen on x-rays or MRI’s, they are easily misdiagnosed and patients are told they have to learn to live with it or will be sent to a surgeon in an attempt to fix the problem, which may lead to additional restrictions and more widespread pain. Eventually, many of these patients will progress to migraines and plantar fasciitis as the restrictions progress and pull at the ends of the fascia.

MFR image 1

All of these people to the left have “back pain” but for very different reasons. Most will get diagnosed by only what the MRI or X-rays show is happening in the lumbar spine ignoring the fascial system and the sacro-illiac joint dysfunction which are both treatable with JB MFR without surgical intervention.

Myofascial release (MFR) speeds recovery, decreases pain and inflammation, reduces/treats scars, and restores range of motion even years after initial injury. Patients can receive this treatment while receiving traditional services and will allow patients to heal faster and more completely. Patients can continue their chiropractic and/or physical therapy services while receiving this treatment. MFR Treatment involves the patient receiving a gentle pull on the area affected followed by the patient’s fascial system unwinding and releasing pressure on nerves, blood vessels, and muscles with immediate results.

This new form of treatment takes the crushing force of fascial restrictions off of critical structures that are being restricted by this internal straight jacket. The treatment is completely safe and gentle as the body will unwind and release the pressure with sustained distraction, compression or soft tissue manipulation in a way that allows the patient true relief. Patient testimonies are remarkable and patients, once treated, become advocates for this treatment for others.

Let us assist you on your road to recovery